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The lawyers at Czekaj Dusharm, LLC are ready to assist you with a wide variety of family law issues, including the following:


Our attorneys can assist you with any divorce case, including anything from a simple uncontested divorce to a divorce with complex property division or business issues.

PROPERTY DIVISIONDuring your divorce action, we will work on your behalf to achieve a favorable equitable division of your marital assets, to protect any non-marital or pre-marital assets, to appropriately locate and divide marital debts, properly value any business interests and deal with complex property issues, enforce prior court orders, and more.

SPOUSAL SUPPORT/ALIMONY Our experienced attorneys will represent you regarding spousal support and alimony cases from start to finish, including establishment or defense of support or alimony request, modification & enforcement.



The attorneys at Czekaj Dusharm are ready to assist you with all issues related to child custody, including sole legal custody, shared legal custody, primary or shared physical custody, child relocation, modification & enforcement of prior orders, grandparents’ rights, and more.

LEGAL CUSTODYLegal Custody refers to decision-making power concerning issues related to children, such as educational, medical, religious and other decisions. Typically, absent extraordinary circumstances, Courts in Pennsylvania will award each parent joint legal custody, meaning each parent has the right to make decisions and access information regarding the child(ren). However, there are many situations that may warrant one parent receiving sole legal custody of the child(ren), such as when there has been abuse, criminal activity, etc.

PHYSICAL CUSTODYPhysical custody refers to the time each parent spends caring for the minor children.

  • Shared physical custody is when both parents share the physical custody of the children on a substantially equal basis.
  • Primary physical custody occurs when one parent has physical custody of the children for the majority of the time.

Our Attorneys can assist you in determining the appropriate custody arrangement based on your unique circumstances.



Our attorneys are experienced in appearing before Domestic Relations Support Conference Officers and Courts and assisting you in ensuring that the appropriate child support order is imposed. We have successfully negotiated agreements, requested deviations from the guideline amount, requested modifications of prior orders, and assisted with the enforcement of child support orders, and more.


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